Wrecking Ball Earrings

Christmas Party Earrings

From dazzling cocktails earrings, to architectural cuffs, to hoops in every size (from 1p to dinner plates) – they’re all here.

It’s time for an ear gear refresh.

earrings 13 earrings 12

Think the Miley Cyrus video – Wrecking Ball – The Earring – it’s this Christmas’s accessory must-have.

As the name suggests, wrecking ball earrings are a statement style that serve as the complete opposite to the usual twinkling chandelier counterparts that we encounter every festive season.

Pendulum style with a dash of graphic glamour.

earrings 11 earrings 9 earrings 8 earrings 7

Think globes and disco balls – these will work perfectly on the dancefloor, as well as that office Xmas work lunch.

Keep everything else understated. Simple hair. Simple make-up and those all-important red lips.

earrings 5 earrings 1 eariings 3

Because it’s greedy to go on more than one massive fashion mission every Christmas, don’t you think?

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