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So we’re a month away from Christmas, folks. And don’t we bloody know it, with all the Xmas adverts on TV?

But inevitably, we’ll soon be discussing the highlights of 2017.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the more eye raising beauty trends we experienced, plus over the coming week, I’ll bring you much more.

Intro 1

Nose Hair Extensions
Nose hair extensions. This is absolute madness and somehow it found its way onto our feeds. Why? We really don’t know but after penis eyebrows became a thing (scroll down, if you will) we stopped looking for meaning in these. The trend, which consists of adding fake eyelashes to your nostrils.

Intro 2

Ponytail Eyebrows
Yes, you’ve read that right. The latest Insta trend is something of an unfortunate breeding.

Intro 3

Penis Eyebrows
Feather eyebrows not ‘out there’ enough for you? What about penis brows? It’s official: Instagram beauty trends have gone stiff.

Intro 4

Glitter Tits
Ever heard that subtlety is sexy? Neither have these girls. It works if you’re a 32A. But they certainly have our attention. Coachella ‘looks’ 2018.

 Onto this week, and we check out Balearic winters plus what to buy that man in your life.


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