What’s Trending In June?

It’s officially summer, and the beginning of my favourite month of the year – June.

As occurs every month, but this time set to the backdrop of long days and summer weather, new trends land, some celeb or other is doing something nuts and one or two new lifestyle fads drop. 

Here’s what’s buzzing right now.

This month’s Must-Have Tipple

Straight out of Hollywood, the seasonable cocktail to be seen with is a ‘DIET COKAGNE’… no not THAT cross – but a cross between Diet Coke and Champagne. One part diet coke, one part champagne.

I’m not feeling particularly fizzed by the prospect, but remain willing to try.

The Obama Sisters

Barak’s and Michelle’s daughters are being hailed as the new ‘Olsen Sisters’ – ie. The MOST fashionable girls in the world right now. Both are rocking a laid-back fashion style that’s being noticed by everyone. Malia has just made a film with Donald Glover (Childish Bambino) and Sasha has been seen rocking nails to rival Cardi B’s – expect everyone to follow suit.

Boosting Your Sex Drive With Beets

You can eat your way to a better sex life by cooking beetroot, kale, cabbage and garlic. These ingredients all boost nitric oxide, which increases blood flow and leads to better orgasms. But I’m predicting awful breath and flatulence as part of the package.

Pride Month Make-Up

To celebrate Pride month, there ae rainbow goodies everywhere. 

Eyelure have launched Glow In The Dark Lashes with the charity ‘Just Like Us’ – £7.95 on Amazon

No.17 Brights have created a limited-edition Eyeshadow Pallette at Boots £5. 

Dunelm have created a collection of rainbow cushions, £18 each supporting the charity Rainbow Mind. 

And Insta-Dry Pride nail varnish collection by Sally Hansen have a selection of rainbow colours, £5 each at Superdrug with all profits going to GLAAD.