What To Pack In Your Ibiza Suitcase – Girls

Wondering what to wear in Ibiza?

You might say that Ibiza is just as famous for being everyone’s favourite party island.

But if you’re worrying about what to wear in Ibiza, you can stop right now – it’s one of the EASIEST places in the entire world to pack for.

Don’t forget your Kaftan – an Ibiza must-have

That might come as a surprise, given at how diverse this small island is. Home to postcard perfect beaches, luxury health retreats and some of the most famous DJs in the world’s biggest clubs, Ibiza can be experienced in a number of ways.

Boho Boots & Boho Hat

Whether you’re heading on a girls or boys clubbing getaway with your best friends, a romantic trip for two or a self-care holiday filled with vegan food and morning yoga, Ibiza has it all.

But whatever your reason for travelling to Ibiza in 2022, packing couldn’t be easier.

Here is your full guide to what to wear in Ibiza in 2022, putting together the perfect Ibiza outfits for every occasion, starting with the girls…


My go-to no matter where I’m travelling, denim cut offs are the only bottoms you need in Ibiza. Slightly shredded and they must fit snuggly. Not too small, not too baggy.

Of course, you can pack other shorts too, but make sure you have a good pair of blue or black denims too. Simply add a boho blouse, boho cowboy boots, fedora hat and a sun kissed tan.


Nothing takes a beach outfit up the ‘glam’ scale quicker than a pair of MASSIVE sunglasses and in 2022 – it’s all about bigger is better. Think plasma screens in every colour and you’ve got it sorted. Go to Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, ASOS or Nasty Girl. 

I always pack oversized, reflective shades – they cover tired eyes AND hide your people watching habits.


I swore I’d never wear a bum bag… and then they became my best friend. Now, a bum bag is my go-to when I want to keep an eye on my valuables at all time. I have two Gucci belt-bags in red and black leather but there are plenty of great high street alternatives out there.

So, pick up a fun one that you’ll enjoy wearing, leaving your hands free for… well, whatever you want to do with them. You know your phone is safe along with your room key and euros.


As well as the nightlife and wellbeing scene that Ibiza is famous for, the White Isle and Mallorca has loads of great hiking trails and spots to explore.

If you like to get out and about during the day, pack a pair of comfy walking shoes or trainers. But if you’re partying as well, kill two birds with one stone and go for Nike Air Max in the brightest colours possible. The more Acid, the better. Pack some ankle socks too. And plasters.


Even if you’re used to wearing heels all the time, pack a pair of flats for the evening. It’s all about the Balearic boho vibe sandal or flip flop.

Even though Ibiza is one of the most glamorous places in Europe, it’s never at the expense of comfort.

Choose a pair of glitzy flats that will go with everything. Think embellishment, bright pomp poms and tassels.


Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your swimwear, pack at least a couple of options.

I love to pack at least one bikini, plus a simple black swimsuit that can double up as a bodysuit.

Paired with a pair of denim shorts, it’s an easy outfit for the beach parties that run into the night. This year, the red boob tube and leopard print bikini bottoms is the look to go for.

7 – A HAT

Bucket, straw panama / fedora or a floppy beach hat, it doesn’t matter what your preferred style is. I have at least 20 Balearic fedoras I usually take to Ibiza which annoys the hell out of my other half but I’m packing a couple of Gucci bucket hats this summer, especially for the Kevin & Perry event at Amnesia in June.

The Straw Fedora

One thing is for sure, though: you’re going to want to pack a hat for that intense Spanish sun. Remember how aging and dangerous the sun is to the skin.


If you’re clubbing, it’s going to be hot and sweaty so keep it cool and small. Little skater dresses or playsuits with little boots is the perfect look for Pasha or Eden.


It has to be the white boho maxi dress. It’s the ultimate Ibiza look. Add your hat, sunnies and embellished sandals and you’ll look like a true Ibizan. Remember white reflects the heat of the sun and it suits everyone.


There’s nothing that will ruin a trip more than a broken or missing case. Whatever you plan on wearing, make sure you pack your Ibiza outfits in a sturdy case that’s distinctive and easy to recognise.

It’s all too easy for someone to mistakenly grab your bag if it looks like every other one on the luggage carousel, especially if they’ve been on the miniatures on the red-eye from London to Ibiza.

For that reason, I like to add brightly coloured luggage tag AND to make my case as unique and recognisable as possible.