What To Pack In Your Ibiza Suitcase – Boys

Whether you’re losing your Ibiza v-plates or a regular island-goer, I’m here to give you guys the ultimate tips for making your trip the best one yet…

Let’s not kid ourselves, Ibiza is beautiful but most of the time, you’re not there for the scenery. You and the boys have come to let loose, so let’s start off with the all- important task of partying hard before we get into the fashion.

1)    Pre-drinking comes with its own dangers. Don’t be that guy who drinks 8 hours before the party and never makes it out, even if you’re trying to make up for the fact we’ve been in lockdown for the past two summers. Throughout the day swap every other drink for water.

2)    Some tips don’t need any explanation at all. Shower and always be armed with deodorant. It’s hot, it’s sweaty; need I say more?

3) Minty freshness is always a must. Always carry gum or mints – they come in handy for making friends fast by sharing, and extra handy if you end up catching someone’s eye.

4) If you’re not feeling it, don’t force it. Slip away quietly back to the hotel or have a night off (nobody will judge). You don’t want your mood to bring down the rest of the gang. Rest up ready for the next night!

5) Eat plenty of paella before you drink and steer clear of ‘party favours’ in the intense heat. Otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your trip living a very real episode of ‘SUN, SEA and A&E”.

Don’t fall victim to packing dilemmas. Keep your ‘beefa’ style simple and let your shirt do the talking. Shorts, open shirts and sunglasses are all you need for your time on the island. It’s the look of 2022.



Floral Hawaiian style shirts with matching shorts worn ‘open’ is the key look as influenced by Gucci last summer. This season, shirts are worn open and just like the girls, the bigger your sunglasses the better. 

Do not panic about your belly because the “DAD BOD” (slightly plump tummy and man boobs) is the hottest look for men this year.

No need for crunches or laying off the beer. Could life get any better for you?


If florals fill you with dread, go for the cool, simple white linen shirt. It’s effortless, stylish, classic and cool. Wear it open to your chest with some boho chains and beads around your neck. A little bit of a hairy chest is much better than a glistening waxed chest with tattoos. The key is looking like you haven’t tried too hard. Wear with white linen shorts or a light pair or chino shorts with brown belt.

If that’s too boring then you have to find a loose-fitting leopard print shirt and team this with a pair of pink cargo shorts with plenty of pockets. That screams Pikes poolside party if you ask me. Make sure the waistband of your CALVIN KLEINS is visible above your shorts. This is very important.


Yes, it sounds ridiculous but if David Beckham, Kanye West and Pharrell are doing it – you can too. Obviously, you need a pair of YEEZY Slides in earthy tones and some mid-calf Adidas socks.

As I mentioned in my last blog, Birkenstocks are back this summer with an embellished designer make-over – they’re super comfy and if you really want to push the boat out, go with a pair of metallic crocs. They’re the footwear most rappers wear in Vegas and actually not as cheap looking as you may think.

And if you’re playing it safe, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Nike Air Jordan high tops, worn open with the laces loosely tied.


The bucket hat is HUGE this summer – they’re everywhere. Match the earthy tones with your slides. Avoid baseball caps and opt for a classic Panama. Cringey but still cool.

The ultimate sunglasses are the enormous TOM FORDs. Don’t take them off because they will get nabbed, and they’re not cheap.


Keep it simple with knee length swim shorts but go for the brightest acid colours possible. Or florals and graphic prints always look stylish.

The ‘mankini’ is banned on all beaches and swimming trunks or ‘budgie smugglers’ are just not happening in this century, unless you’re a professional swimmer training for the next Olympics.