Weirdest 2017 Fashion

Okay, when it comes to weird trends, jeans are in a category of their own. There are just so many options. From rips and zips to the colour of denim used, it’s easy to get a new trend going. After all, everyone wears jeans – why not convince them to buy a slightly different wash in order to stay in style? Well, one of the weirdest trends of 2017 has taken distressed denim to an entirely different level. Imagine wearing your jeans to a rainy outdoor music festival in a dirt field, where after a long day they end up covered in mud. Now, imagine seeing a pair like that on sale in a store – brand new. Mud doesn’t exactly cost much, but the brand PRPS has tried to get in the fashion game by selling designer jeans caked with mud.

weird 1

Uh… okay.

Have you ever wondered how on earth you could show off your glorious knees all year round? After all, you can’t exactly rock bare legs in November. Well, it seems that my favourite high street store Topshop has your perfect solution – and it’s not ripped jeans – thank god – it’s full jeans with clear knees.

weird 2

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a pair of high-waisted ‘mom’ jeans that might initially look normal, but upon closer inspection, actually has two plastic rectangular panels where your knees are. So… you’re wearing jeans with little windows to show off your knees. I mean, perhaps if you consider your knees to be your best feature, this would be the perfect look for. But for the average person it’s just a little bit…strange.

Okay, many people are willing to be a bit more adventurous and fashion-forward with their footwear, because a bold shoe can really liven up an otherwise neutral outfit, but this trend might be taking things too far. At first glance, when these shoes by the label Hood By Air came down the runway earlier this year, you might have blinked and assumed you were seeing things twice.

weird 3

Well, you weren’t. For whatever reason, Hood By Air decided that it would be a good idea to take a regular boot and add another boot to the back of it. So, it looks like you have two feet on each leg. I’m not sure what the appeal of this trend is – it’s just plain bizarre. I suppose you’re getting four shoes for the price of two, so perhaps it seems like a bargain?

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