Tropic’s Dream Team Collection

Tropic have come up trumps again with another gorgeous product, ideal as a Christmas present or for any occasion. I have tried and tested this dream team collection of sprays, balms and creams to enable a deep night’s sleep – and it smells divine.

You can’t gift anyone with an extra hour’s sleep but you can shower them with tiny treats to help send them off to slumber with ease. Last night, I rubbed the balm into my temples and literally within a minute or two a little wave or tiredness came over my eyes. And I swear I slept an hour longer this morning.

Everyone knows how important sleep is – for our mental wellbeing, to help our bodies recover and rest, and of course for our skin because that’s when cell renewal takes place. It’s the cornerstone of a healthy mind, body and soul. But getting that well-deserved shut-eye can be easier said than done, and stress, blue light, bad habits and hormones can all lead to poor quality sleep. By blending seven distilled essential oils – including the infamous lavender, which has proven sleep-inducing qualities, and eucalyptus that’s excellent for getting rid of the horrible head fog that can stop you switching off – this pillow mist is the fast-track way to feeling calm, soothed and ready for bed.

Spritz 2-3 pumps 30cm away from your pillow or duvet, then wait a few seconds before climbing into bed. Take some long inhales and allow the calming cocktail of essential oils to work their magic and send you to sleep.

This eco-friendly limited-edition collection includes ingredients Lavender, Frankincense and camomile, so it’s incredibly soothing and sleep inducing. Everything is small enough to take on board your next flight as well. All under 100ml.

The collection comes in this beautiful gift box which is sure to impress absolutely anyone who opens it, especially the beautiful poem enclosed. Absolutely perfect for this Christmas as a stocking filler.

Just £22 for this absolute package of utter heaven.

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