Tropic Colour Palette, Eye Dream & Eye Work Serum For Beautiful Eyes

I received two enormous boxes of stunning TROPIC SKINCARE products to review for you and it simply remains my favourite brand of products due to the Eco friendly, sustainable, healthy, greener and more empowered purpose behind the company. Every single purchase funds education for children living in the world’s poorest, remote communities, helps to restore forests and everything remains completely recyclable or compostable. Oh, and obviously all the products are absolutely beautiful and work wonders at helping to make me look as good as possible.

I shall divide them up over the coming weeks in this blog and my weekly VLOG on Facebook and Instagram. Please contact HOLLY REED for anything you would like to purchase. Her links are below.

Complete Colour Palette

This is my must have product of 2022. It’s not only super stylish and conveniently sized but it caters to my own personal taste and colouring – meaning it is unique to me and me only. This colour palette is convenient, compact and Eco-conscious. It has helped to stop over 12.5 tonnes of plastic waste from being generated.

I chose the best shades for my eye brows and eyelids, along with a black gel liner and the highlighter with blush for my cheeks. The Eco-friendly artist brushes and sponges are amazing too – more about those next week.

The palette is a similar size to my iPhone so fits perfectly in my little Mulberry Alexa handbag. All the pressed shadows are separate and click magnetically into place perfectly.

The colour palette has won ‘the best refillable zero-waste makeup product’ in the beauty shortlist awards 2021. I loved putting the colours and shades together and this comes in three sizes with the beautiful mirror included. With loads of combinations to choose from, this customisable makeup palette is a bargain at just £68.

(Small – £8, Medium – £16, Large – £20)

Eye Dream

Regardless of how much sleep you’re actually getting, apply this overnight eye cream before bed and you’ll look well-rested and revitalised by morning. Improving elasticity and collagen production with a blend of plant ceramides, white lupin extract and plant extracts – that form a bio-retinol which has the same cell rejuvenating benefits as retinol, but without any side effects – that tricky to treat under-eye area becomes less of a problem day by day. You’ll be all for the butterbalm texture too. With pomegranate sterols and jojoba esters that melt into skin from the warmth of your fingertips, it glides under the eyes so there’s no pulling or tugging around those precious peepers.


Eye Work

I keep mine in the fridge and it simply eradicates all fine lines in an instant

Along with the same subtle cucumber scent and refreshing formula, this silky, lightweight eye serum now has a swanky new tip to enhance the application experience. Using patented cooling technology made from ZAMAC, a mineral-mix alloy of Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Copper, it’s the wake up call your eyes have been dreaming of.

The science doesn’t stop at the outside though, because the serum itself is equally hardworking. Vitamin C brightens skin and even out hyperpigmentation, coffee cherry extract reduces puffiness, and tomato seed oil soothes and protects skin with its multitude of antioxidants. It has an airless system with a one way valve, which means no bacteria can get back into the serum. I keep mine in the fridge and roll it on every morning to reap the rejuvenating benefits of the best eye serums out there.

Keep it in the fridge…


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