Topshop & SkinnyDip

Topshop is selling a Skinny Dip tote handbag, which looks exactly like a laundry holdall or laundrette sack, and no one’s sure what to make of it. The bag costs an astonishing £26 and has divided opinion amongst fashion fans.

The bag, which has a cartoon lobster on the front, has proven popular online – where it’s currently out of stock.

I love Skinny Dip but this dubious item, which has the words ‘That Fish Cray’ written on it, is a completely batty idea. I don’t get it.

Bag 1

Apparently, these bags are everywhere in the UK. Luckily I’ve been in the Balearics all summer and missed the trend.

Go to Poundland and get a tote for £1, in different colours and sizes too, if you really must.

Bag 2

People say the Skinny Dip creation is “FABULOUS”, “amazing” and “super cute!”

I say, “a bag for dirty washing”.

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