Tony Truman Ibiza

Tony Truman – a legend of Ibiza and the master behind O Beach, which is only one element of the mighty empire his team have built on the white isle.

I manage to chat to Tony every year about his summer plans but this year was especially interesting following the global Covid pandemic.

Tony, just as restrictions seem to be lifting in time for summer 2022, how have you dealt with the past two years throughout the pandemic, both personally and professionally?

I believe if something bad happens, something good happens, so what was meant to be was meant to be. I try find a positive out of a negative so for me personally I calmed down a hell of a lot during the pandemic. Not partying my socks off three days a week has done the world of good for me in this crazy hectic life I have been living for many years, so by slowing down for 2 years I hope might add an extra 2 years on my life. I used the 2 year break to re-evaluate a lot of things happening in my life and I started to eat a lot healthier as well as exercising far more than I had previously  and I feel far better for that. 

I got to spend more precious times with my nearest and dearest and had so many quality moments with friends that I had not seen for a while, and I loved it, just being in one place for most of the lock down and not jumping on a plane every few days.

As for a business aspect to it all, I would be lying if I didn’t say we took a massive hit right across the board in all of our businesses, but this was pretty much the same for most people on the planet, so we were not alone. 

I see it as a positive as it brought us all back down to earth a lot more and reality kicked in that we are not invincible. It taught me a massive lesson about money and finances and how important it is in the good times be more prudent with your money when it’s rolling in as you never know when you might need it in the bad times.

 We were very lucky as a group as it actually brought us all together as we all had more time on our hands to discuss how we manoeuvre ourselves through those difficult moments and I feel we have come out of this as far better businessmen because of it all. We had to go back to basics and for us it was a great lesson in how to regroup and re structure and move forward. Positive thoughts have positive outcomes.

  • Do you believe Ibiza’s tourism structure has changed since covid?

I think Ibiza has changed massively during and since Covid, for the better, as people now are discovering the entire island of Ibiza and its magnificent offerings and beauty, instead of it just being known as a party and clubbing mecca. I think I have seen more of Ibiza in the last 2 years than I have experienced in coming to the island for 39yrs.  I think many parts of the island have actually benefited from the pandemic, as so many other little hidden treasures on the island have been thriving. Especially the restaurants and shops, as people have not been blowing all their cash on tables in the clubs. Also, the boating fraternity has seen a huge increase in trade. We own a concierge company, Faith Ibiza, which has done very well during the pandemic, as people have learned to live with pre booking everything they do in advance.

  • What’s new for 2022 and what can we expect to see from the O Beach empire?

We have opened up a new Skinny Kitchen restaurant in Figueretas, right on the beach. We have doubled the size of our San Antonio marina Skinny Kitchen and we are opening a top Chinese restaurant called Chi Kee Wun . We’re very excited about this project as we felt a high end Chinese restaurant was missing on the island. As for O Beach, we have a little tinker with the line-ups, adding  6 one off parties by the legends that are Mike and Claire Manumission and their new creation Ailien on the second Sunday of every month. This is going to be like nothing we have ever done before at OB so super excited about this series of parties. It is 10yrs of OB in June and we have got an amazing 3 day event, bringing back a whole host of promoters, artists and performers who have worked with us this last decade, so this will be a very special weekend also.

We just want to thank everyone who has supported us through these tough times, our staff, clients, suppliers, associates, friends and family have all been our backbone for a many years and we really do appreciate the love thank you. Xx

Tony Truman