Tiffany Engagement Rings For Men

As the world changes and becomes more inclusive, so too do cultural norms – including around marriage and proposals. 

Tiffany & Co, the iconic jeweller owned by LVMH, has launched a new range of rings to cater to the changing nature of weddings, designed to be worn by men. Traditionally, in heterosexual relationships, men propose to women. But it’s 2021, and we’re finally realising that you don’t need to be a certain gender to propose or be proposed to – not to mention the fact that same-sex marriage was legalised seven years ago

The male engagement ring line is named after the company’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, and there are three different diamond cuts set in either platinum or titanium. Each diamond measures between one and five carats, and there’s a choice of emerald cut, square emerald cut, and round brilliant cut.

The thick band on these rings nevertheless lets the stone do the talking, mirroring a classic signet style. Yes, of course men could wear a ‘regular’ ring, but these – focusing on a stone like most engagement rings do – are one of the first offerings at a major jeweller that are purpose-built.

They can also be worn by women or non-binary people who prefer a more masculine style to those available already. Weddings are all about love and commitment, and everyone should be able to celebrate that. A mainstream engagement ring range for men may be a small step, but it gives the option for anybody – regardless of gender – to be included. 

Tiffany men’s engagement rings are available to view online now, or in selected stores as of this month.