This Year’s Newest Cult Trend

OK – are you ready for the first insane Tik Tok, Insta and internet sensation/cult fashion accessory of 2023?

It’s the Stanley Cup.

Never heard of it (other than the Hockey League trophy of the same name)?

That’s because it’s mainly a US thing right now, but with the internet’s worldwide influencers and their billions of followers, it doesn’t take long for a small trend to become a global viral sensation.

All you have to do is google #stanley cup and you’ll witness its 4 BILLION views. American teens have been posting videos and photos of themselves carrying a Stanley cup to school. Plus, you’ll find photos of the cool IT crowd waking up, looking beautiful taking their full range of various sized and coloured Stanley cups out of designer fridges.

Get this, Stanley Cups were even handed out last week to the fash packs at New York Fashion Week.

Try to order one here in the UK, and prepare yourself, as they go for up to £200 – IF YOU CAN FIND ONE. They’re only $30 in the US, but add to that the plane fare for a trip over the Atlantic, if you’re serious about securing one.

It’s simply a camping flask with a handle in a cool colour. Or as they say in the US ‘The Quencher Travel Tumbler’. They’re huge (in size as well as popularity) and come with or without a handle, but if you get one without a handle then nobody will speak to you ever again. THE colour to get is cream with gold text, apparently. If you get pink or blue, then God help you, according to my research about this perplexing trend.

You have been warned.