The Crystal Year

I was sent this stunning book by my friend Claire and if you love the healing powers of crystals, then this is for you.

Claire Titmus is an online crystal store owner, and certified crystal healer. With a wealth of crystal and spiritual knowledge her goal is to educate others with magic and empowerment to bring crystals into their lives with confidence and ease. She has sent me many magical gemstones with rose quartz being my favourite. It gives me happy vibes.

In The Crystal Year, Claire shares crystal wisdom to support you through the seasons.

Split into the 12 months, The Crystal Year teaches you how to harness the properties of all the crystals lurking in your collection by aligning them with key dates and seasons. In January, I learnt how carnelian could support my New Year goals; in February, I found out if (that) rose quartz would help me find my Valentine (it did). As the evenings get lighter and Spring arrives, discover just why Aquamarine is the perfect crystal to help you celebrate the rebirth of nature. 

As well as key crystals for the month, Claire guides you through symbols and superstitions from the natural world, and shares self-care rituals, meditations and affirmations to support you through each phase of the year. I read this in the bath with my crystals all around me and feel spiritually on top by the time and go to bed.

Tune into nature and discover the magic of crystals in every season with The Crystal Year.