The Mesh Bodysuit

The Mesh Bodysuit

The GC gave us all an awesome eyeful recently, in a black body that was so sheer it was practically see-through. This, folks, is the mesh bodysuit.

mesh 9 mesh 8 mesh 7

Yes, Gemma Collins made me feel proud when she stepped out on holiday in Tenerife, rocking that back mesh swimsuit that was so seriously revealing.

I salute you Gemma.

Decorated with only embroidered flowers on the chest, the saucy swimwear gave an eye-popping flash of her cleavage, before cutting off high at her hip to leave just about everything on show. Never without a touch of her Essex glamour however, the blonde tied her look together with towering gold wedges and a trendy fedora hat.

mesh 10mesh 13

Addressing people who had given her grief about such a bold choice of swimwear, Gemma defiantly commented that she would never justify her sense of style, and that plus size women should wear whatever the hell they want.


I personally love a mesh bodysuit but I would wear it with shorts, skirt or trousers, under a suit and with underwear worn underneath. Certainly not as my only public attire. But huge respect to the GC, who has to be one of the funniest and boldest reality stars in the UK right now.

So where can we get our hands on a mesh bodysuit?

mesh 12mesh 14 have a purple mesh bodysuit going for £5, although their garment is meant to worn under a skirt – but there’s nothing stopping you from rocking it on the beach.

mesh 11mesh 3

mesh 6Mesh 1

There’s also similar black versions from for under £15.

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