The House of Gucci Movie

The biographical crime drama “House of Gucci” had its world premiere in London this week and I’m off to see it on December 4th – dressed head to toe in Gucci, of course. 

It’s my favourite label so I’m intrigued to catch this long-awaited true story of the head of the Gucci empire being murdered by his ex-wife, who served 18 years in prison before her recent release. A real-life drama as extreme as any fictional Hollywood movie plot.

Mega director Ridley Scott’s long-awaited offering stars Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani, who was convicted of orchestrating the assassination of her ex-husband and former head of the Gucci fashion house, Maurizio Gucci. She was an Italian socialite, born in 1948 from humble beginnings. She hired a hitman to murder her ex-husband and was dubbed ‘the black widow’, after he left her for another woman very suddenly in the early 90s. Although they divorced, Patrizia refused to drop the Gucci surname.

The movie is based on the book “A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour and Greed”. It spans three decades of the family’s love, betrayal and decadence in the aftermath of the 1995 murder.

Maurizio was shot dead on the steps outside his office in Milan, in circumstances similar to Gianni Versace. Patrizia was arrested in 1997 and sentenced to 29 years’ jail. In 2000, she unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide in prison with her bed sheets. By 2011, she was eligible for parole under a work release programme. She refused, saying “I’ve never worked in my life and I’m certainly not going to start now”. But with good behaviour, Patrizia was finally released 2016 after serving 18 years. She now lives in Milan and is often seen walking around with a parrot on her shoulder.

Lady Gaga studied every character aspect of Patriza Raggiani and lived her daily life using only Patrizia’s accent for a whole year and half so that she could depict her life as realistically as possible. Reportedly, the real Patrizia was annoyed that Gaga didn’t make contact her to meet in person, but apparently Gaga was forbidden by the production team due to money issues.

Adam Driver (of Star Wars fame) plays the head of the Gucci Empire during the 80s and 90s. Al Pacino plays Aldo Gucci, whilst Salma Hayek is part of the cast and very conveniently married to the current head of the luxury brands conglomerate which owns Gucci.

The actual fashion house Gucci cooperated fully with the production of the movie, giving them full access to their archives, props and wardrobes.

So, expect a mega amount of Gucci wardrobe in every scene. Can’t wait.