The Gen Z Phone Hack

We’ve all done it. You wake up after a big night out, check your phone and realise you’ve made some serious attempts to ruin your life.

As you open each app, it just gets worse and worse: WhatsApp messages to the ex you’d previously blocked, Instagram stories of your ‘seductive’ dance moves, a British Airways business class booking for a mini break in Ibiza that you absolutely can’t afford.

Oh, the glory of the morning after the night before.

Well now, Gen Z (who seem to be dictating our fashion and lifestyle in 2023) have come up with a hack that could save you from the morning-after despair.

Enter the flip phone. Remember those? A new revolution for 2023.

It’s no secret that the younger generation have got everyone of all ages obsessed with the Y2k aesthetic. From double denim to claw clips, we’re partying like it’s 1999 all over again. And while the flip phone certainly fits the early noughties look, it serves a more significant purpose.

A super-famous TikTok-er went viral this week after sharing a video explaining why she only takes a flip phone on a night out.

She said “We don’t take our regular iPhones out anymore, because we realised that every single problem we have on a night out, everything that leads to us to crying, everything that leads to us having a bad hook-up, everything that leads to us having a bad time, stems from our iPhones.’

Leaving a smart phone at home and using an old-fashioned ‘limited function’ phone eliminates accidental drunk Insta posts of you with a double chin, eliminates drunk texts and hook ups, eliminates those bitter Facebook posts tagging people you secretly hate and eliminates buying three Big Macs and five large fries on Deliveroo while throwing up in the Uber you booked on your iPhone. Only the good things about a phone remain, i.e. connecting with people and taking basic photos and videos – which you can safely delete later if required.

Ah, remember the good old days, when all we had was our flip phones embedded with each other’s flip phone numbers. The new fashionable statement of the moment is “Make the switch, f*ck your phone and get a flip.”


And if the wisdom of Gen Z doesn’t convince you, celebrities are swapping their iPhones for retro flips too. Camilla Cabello took to her social media last month to announce that she’s ‘team flip phone revolution’. 

Could you join the trend and go ‘team flip phone revolution’?