The Fleece Wearable Blanket

With energy bills on stratospheric rise, more people than ever are relying on money expert Martin Lewis and his team to help save essential pennies as winter arrives.

One of Martin’s main tips when the cold weather hits is to layer up on clothing – and I’ve spotted one item in particular which is helping the population avoid putting on the heating, and it’ll set you back just £47. 

The fleece-lined wearable blanket from OODIE will become your new best friend this winter – and I have a feeling you’ll be pretty much living in it – especially if you work from home. I confess, in this blog I’ve consistently warned you off anything ‘fleece related’ as a fashion blogger, but we’re now in uncharted circumstances.

Although this isn’t the cheapest wearable blanket out there, seeing as you’ll be wanting to use the heating much less, it’s definitely worth an investment that could save you hundreds in the long run.

  • One size fits most (based on a 6XL hoodie)
  • Soft flannel fleece on the outside
  • Warm Sherpa fleece on the inside
  • 100% cruelty-free and machine washable
  • Available in kids’ sizes too
  • Great for saving money on heating
  • Makes for the perfect Christmas gift



Best of all? There’s a huge sale right now with prices starting from £47 for kids’, and £59 for an adult size – down from £84.

There’s a variety of colours and patterns to choose from but please be warned, these are strictly all about keeping warm – less about looking sexy or on trend.

There are plenty of five-star reviews online, with one fan saying: “BIG, fluffy, cuddly warm.. did I say BIG? I love that you can fit a hot water bottle in the pouch. Up yours, energy company! I’ll be in my Oodie if you need anything.”

You can get your own snuggly oversized jumper at:

But if you’re on a tighter budget I’ve spotted some similar wearable hoodies from John Lewis, Amazon and with prices starting from just £9.99.