The Cara Delevigne Inspired Brow Transplant

Twenty years ago, thin, arched eyebrows were in vogue. The Spice Girls generation plucked, waxed and epilated until there was very little hair left to remove. We all wanted pencilled-in arches like Pamela Anderson, as it was all about the heavy eye and not the brow. But our mothers forgot to warn us that our brows wouldn’t grow back, as we went mad, plucking them out with our first ever pair of tweezers from Boots or Superdrug.

But fashions change, trends reverse, and brows got thicker. Cara Delevigne has led the fashion for full-bodied eyebrows. And now women are forking out up to £7,000 to reinstate bushy eyebrows just like the model / actor.

They are having their hair follicles removed from the back of their head and transplanted into their face to achieve fuller brows. It’s a slow, intricate operation planting individual hairs cut to size to create body and thickness, enhancing the look of the whole eye area.

Hair transplant surgeons have noticed procedures have increased from one or two a year to weekly operations in recent times. I’m tempted. It would certainly save me buying my monthly Smashbox eye pencil, clear mascara and eyebrow dye.

Treatments can cost anywhere between £2,500 and £7,000 and typically take four to six hours. Long live strong brows.