The 90s Tracksuit Returns

In 2023, the best suit is a 90s tracksuit

What do Justin Bieber, Tony Soprano and John McEnroe have in common? A big IDGAF tracksuit. The tracksuit is THE SUIT for men in 2023. You only have to flick through the pages of GQ and look at some of the collections at the recent Fashion weeks to know the tracksuit has moved away from being ‘chavvy’ and is now respectfully fashionable.

We could attribute the tracksuit’s success to the ongoing renaissance of 90s sports luxe, but it’s more than that.

 The lockdown was a huge factor in why the tracksuit has returned to the scene. Plus, after the pandemic there was a trend toward the retro side of sportswear. The track jacket became a good intersection between preppy and max comfort – a transitional item that’s perfect for this moment in time. 

Neo-preppy brands such as Drake’s Sporty ‘n’ Rich and Rowing Blazers have all got in on the tracksuit act in recent seasons. At the top end of fashion, even Louis Vuitton and Gucci have rewired the tracksuit for the luxury market. With bold monogramming, logos and traffic light colours, they’re not all that dissimilar.

But perhaps the biggest draw of the tracksuit over the years is how transgenerational it still feels, with several generations in its pocket. It has long been the kit of guys who project, of guys that are menacingly active, of guys who actually do give a **** about how they look. It’s officially stylish – but tongue in cheek stylish.  Think Harry Enfield’s “loadsamoney”s character meets Harry Styles.