The 90s Chain Dress Revival

The 90s brought us many a trend, from crop tops and chokers, to dungarees and grungy plaid shirts. All of which have come back into fashion – much to our horror/delight.

chain kate

And if that era was your heyday, back then you might have tried to copy Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in their mini chain mail dresses, complete with diamond jewellery and dramatic silver-blue make-up.

Well guess what? Those little mesh frocks are back in various forms, and it’s all thanks to Gucci and the Kardashians.

chain ri ri

When the Italian fashion house showcased their crystal bodysuit at Milan’s AW17 Fashion Weekback in February, chain mail proved to be a popular choice for Coachella, with Rihanna showing off the look with a Gucci tee vest and ripped shorts.

chain kim 2

And reality star Kim Kardashian is the latest to don the glittering one piece, showing off her curves on Snapchat for a photoshoot. But the mum-of-two is no stranger to the skimpy material.

chain kendall

Younger sister Kendall Jenner is also a fan of the look, stepping out in a glittering LaBourjoisie chain mail dress to celebrate her 21st birthday last year – reminiscent of Paris Hilton’s party outfit back in 2002.

chain paris

While most 90s comeback trends are easy to wear, this is one you should proceed with caution. One wrong move and you could end up flashing more than you intend to, not to mention it’s not the easiest of fabrics to sit down in – ouch.

chain 3 chain 5 chain 4 chain 2 chain 1

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