Summer Sales 2017

If you’re anything like me, you have a fear of the summer sales. Rails of clothes, shoes and accessories all entwined together like a multi-coloured crumpled parachute. Pushing, shoving, hot and sweaty shoppers, desperately trying to find one piece of marked-down clothing that they actually want. It’s like an old school jumble sale. Shop assistants busy around, trying to salvage something from the mess, putting the wrong-sized garment on the incorrect hanger. The only winner is chaos.

To avoid the above, I limit myself to sales on the Internet. But even online, some strategy is called-for. Stick to a list of items that suit your style, or are the most durable and/or convenient.

This is where I become a Londoner – a city with very changeable weather conditions. Opt for pieces that you can get a lot of wear out of. But above all else, when the following pieces are in the sale, remember that you shouldn’t throw away your money on something that isn’t quite right.

  1. Jeans

It might seem silly to go into a summer sale and buy jeans, but it actually makes great sense. For most of the year the UK doesn’t reach over 18 degrees. We all wear jeans most of the time, so it’s never a wasted penny to invest in a new pair.

See Freddys

Sales jeans

2. Shirt

Simple white, blue striped, or a wrap, whatever you like, invest in a shirt. They’re appropriate for work, easy to dress down in and will never go out of style. Layer up for cooler months to make your shirt outlive the weather.

See Zara

sales shirt

3. Midi Dress

A summery printed dress clearly makes sense as a summer buy, you don’t need me to tell you that. However, if you go for dark tones within the dress, you can wear it again for autumnal dressing. Slip a polo neck or shirt underneath with tights and boots for a whole new look.

See Zara

sales zara dress

  1. Leather bag

Leather is the best fabric to buy in the sales, especially accessories sales. Its durability and luxury will polish off any look in style. But still, opt for practicality, like a cross body or a bag that can be worn in more than one way, to really get your money’s worth.

See Mango

sales bag

5. Jacket

Pair a khaki jacket with jeans for a dressed down look at the weekend, or over a summer dress for the evening. Alternatively, snap up a classic blazer, which will work for the exact same reasons and be great for work. Again, this doesn’t scream summer wear, but it is a great piece to spend on.

See Topshop & Missguided

sales topshop jacket

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