Stan & Frankie Jewellery

As regular readers will be aware, I absolutely adore gold “rock star” style jewellery, especially stars and Ziggy Stardust lightning bolts. Think Kate Moss meets Debbie Harry with a dash of Courtney Love in between.

There’s nothing more spectacular than a simple black slip dress with a light tan, hair up, showcasing this ultimate eye-catching rock chick accessory.

I constantly trawl through Insta, checking out the latest edgy, unique and quirky jewellery designers in the UK. Stuff you don’t find easily and isn’t copied en masse for the high street.

Introducing you to one of the best collections I have ever seen. I love absolutely everything, from the earrings to the necklaces. And if you’re not a gold star fan like me, silver feathers or vintage lion heads could be more up your street.

Introducing Donna and her beautiful handmade cult collection Stan & Frankie.

I spoke to Donna about her inspirations and experience

“Having worked in the fashion industry since graduating I then had my first 2 boys Stan&Frankie, I have always wanted to make sterling silver and gold jewellery, so this was the perfect time it was just a hobby at first while I was learning the skills, but friends kept asking for pieces and so it began and consequently because of this that’s why I named the brand after them!

I have always been inspired by Alexander McQueen since university in 1994 and the amazing Shaun Leane his jewellery is beautifully crafted.

Exciting times ahead! I will be opening my first shop close to home in Warwickshire with my workshop in there too, at the end of this year. I may even design some clothing to complement my jewellery too!”

These pieces are truly special and the prices reflect the individuality, quality and workmanship which goes into all of S&F’s beautiful jewellery range.

I have the Ziggy flash in gold which I will wear throughout summer 2021 in the Balearics. Here are my favourites from the Stan & Frankie website: