Squiggly Brows

It’s been an odd year in the beauty world. We’ve seen unicorn hair and holographic make up, and now there’s an eyebrow trend that’s definitely the strangest of the lot.

Squiggle brows. For some reason, unbeknown to me, bloggers and amateur make-up artists have been painting their brows into waves above their eyes. The finished look is definitely eye catching.

Brows 2

Though it might look stupid, it takes some degree of skill to perfect this trend. First, you have to create the wavy shape using washable glue (because you don’t really want to permanently pluck them into squiggles), colour them in and then intricately paint on concealer around the edges, to give the squiggles defined shape.

Brows 1

To add to the shock factor, the look wouldn’t be complete without matching lips.

However, I’m not really sure if this is wearable outside of Instagram. One particular Instgramer tells her followers to ‘bring on the hate’ because the look draws huge attention, not always positive. As silly as she looks, she’s not wrong and it’s most certainly ‘a thing’.

What do you think – a brave new beauty trend or sad desperation for internet fame?

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