It’s the latest skincare trend to emerge from Tik Tok, and you know that if it’s all over Tik Tok then it probably works.

Introducing SLUGGING.

Slugging is all about locking moisture into the skin. Like fashion and makeup, skincare goes through trend cycles. From inhalable beauty, to CBD-infused products, the cosmetics industry keeps churning it out. Fortunately for the beauty business, consumers lap it up, because we are always on the hunt for the next serum or popular method to grant us eternal youth. Well, I am for sure.  This latest trend promises glowing and restored skin, but is called ‘slugging’ – you’ll see why.

The technique isn’t new and uses a product that can be found in every bathroom cabinet in the world. Slugging is a K-Beauty (Korean) trend that involves sealing the skin with a heavy-duty occlusive agent such as Vaseline overnight. 

In 2018, the term made waves on a viral Reddit thread when a user described their experience with slugging: ‘I went to bed Mucous covered. Slug-like. I woke up the next morning, and MY FACE HAS NEVER BEEN SO SOFT. I am reborn. I am a new woman. I was not a slug; I was a caterpillar in the cocoon. I’ve emerged, a beautiful butterfly.”

 In 2021, the concept has moved from Reddit to TikTok with a new crop of social media beauty devotees putting slugging to the test.

Currently, #sluggingmethod has over 2 million views on the video-sharing app with users sharing their experiences of the K-Beauty hack. The actual process is easy and requires you to carry out your night time skin routine as normal. When finished, you apply a thin layer of Vaseline (or petroleum jelly product of choice) to the face to lock in the good ingredients. Sleep in it overnight and voilà, you wake up with refreshed and supple skin.

You just need a thin layer spread over the face. Slugging is particularly good for dry, sensitive skin and while non-comedogenic, I would avoid applying to the entire face if you have acne-prone or oily skin.

This is especially beneficial to older skins and this isn’t just for women. Men can benefit from slugging too.