Primark For Love Island

Unless you’ve been living on a…. desert island… for the past two weeks, you will have heard almost the entire population of Britain babbling non-stop about Love Island . Shhhh, don’t tell the Paps……. it takes place in Mallorca.

The hit ITV2 show is back, following the daily trials and tribulations of 20-something singletons and their first world problems, camped in a luxury villa. All with the end goal of finding love and winning some cash. Think ‘Big Brother’ in the sunshine.

love 7

Call me an excuse-maker for vacuous TV, but it turns out that a very good friend of ours is contestant Tyla’s dad. So I’m tuning in out of support.

love 6

Apparently, as the weeks have rolled by, certain repeated catchphrases have been used by the LI cast. So here’s where I come in.

love 9

The clever-clogs at Primark have whipped up six simple t-shirts with some of the reality show’s most popular catchphrases so far – so you can wear your heart on your, t-shirt? And all for just £6. Fans are currently going crazy on Twitter, since the launch this week.

love 8

“Absolute Melt”, “100% My Type On Paper”, “I’ve Got A Text” and “Grafting” are all destined for the dictionary any day now.

love 5love 2

I wonder how these will go down at Primark in Mallorca? Will we hear “Grafting” in a Spanish accent soon?

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