Pamela Anderson Auctions Off Her Red Swimsuit

Iconic 90s actress and Hollywood blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson is making waves once again, by auctioning off her legendary red Baywatch swimsuit. The decision has not only captured the attention of nostalgic superfans but is also set to mark a significant moment in pop culture history.

The red one-piece, worn by Anderson during her portrayal of lifeguard C.J. Parker in the hit television series, is a symbol of the era and a huge part of her own legacy. Its high-cut design, low neckline, and vibrant red colour were synonymous with the show’s eye-catching aesthetic. The iconic swimwear turned Pamela Anderson into a household name and an enduring sex symbol, cementing her status as an international star.

Now, decades later, Anderson has decided to part ways with her iconic piece of television history. “I don’t like to waste, it’s better to clear my mind, clear my closet.”

Sorry, but that’s BONKERS! If I was Pammie, there’s no way I’d part ways with THAT swimsuit – which basically made her a worldwide superstar!

Attempting to explain herself, as of late, Pammie has adopted a more demure approach to dressing, commenting: “My style has undoubtedly changed over the years, and it thrills me to think others will find the joy I did. There’s no reason to hang on to it. These memories are made to share.”

The decision to auction off her Baywatch swimsuit has sparked curiosity and excitement among fans who grew up watching the show. Although there isn’t a specific date scheduled for Pamela to begin selling her archives, she intends to gradually release her entire collection of clothes. Her plan is to showcase these items on her website in a manner that is “thoughtful,” and “sentimental.”

Pamela Anderson is the new poster girl for jewellery brand PANDORA. The Pandora campaign sees Pamela explain what she loves about the collection, sharing: “I like the fact that these are lab grown, I’m not really a jewellery person, you don’t really see me out and about wearing jewellery, so this is new for me. 

Anyway… maybe I’ll bid for the red cozzie…