Pacha Fashion

1973 was a good year.

I was born and so was Pacha Ibiza.

I read somewhere that, back in the day, if anyone asked you for directions to Pacha from Ibiza town, you simply pointed to the lights on the other side of the harbour. They were the only lights.

Back then, it was surrounded by fields. The Urgell brothers, Ricardo and Piti, had a small club in Stiges, Barcelona and made the move to Ibiza to try their luck on the white isle. The word nightclub hadn’t even been invented then… God, I feel old.

It was just a small farmhouse with a bar and a dancefloor surrounded by cushions. There were no multimillion sound systems and strobe lighting no superstar DJs, although the go-go dancers were a regular fixture from the start. For the locals and young Spaniards from the mainland, Pacha was an abnormal diversion from reality. Decades of living under the cultural void of the Franco regime had left an enormous gap in how young people had fun. Stepping into Pacha was like a threshold right into freedom, and the minute you crossed you started to dance.

When Franco was still alive Piti Urgell used to smuggle records in from Paris. Nowadays record companies are falling over themselves to get tracks to DJs playing Pacha. The DJ booth is kitted out in the latest technology and the little farmhouse has been transformed into a megaclub known the world over, recently sold as a business for hundreds of millions of Euros.

Pacha is now a brand that covers fashion, perfumes, hotels, restaurants, resorts and 25 franchises all over the world. What started as a little local nightclub has become the unofficial global ambassador for Ibiza clubbing.

The fashion range, featuring the whole ‘Flower Power’ scene is a huge fashion force to be reckoned with too, and those infamous cherries on tees and sweatshirts are recognised the world over. Here are a few of the latest ranges to stand out from the current collection.

Pacha 14pacha 7

Pacha 10Pacha 8

Pacha 4pacha 6

Pacha 11Pacha 12

Pacha 2Pacha 1

All at

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