New York Fashion

So, we landed in New York on New Year’s Day and although it was pouring with rain as we exited the airport, NYC was unseasonably warm. When we woke up the following day, it was close to 16 degrees, which was confusing as I had packed masses of layers to combat the usual East Coast bitter winter conditions We were literally sweating whilst traipsing the streets of the Big Apple.

Bizarrely, overnight that night, temperatures dropped by almost 20 degrees to minus 7 so we well and truly had to “bundle up” for the remainder of the trip. It was blue skies and sunshine with a piercing wind chill that felt more like –17. Beautiful, but soooo cold!

I love winter fashion, and walking many miles across the NYC was the perfect opportunity to check out what the native New Yorkers were wearing in this uber cool metropolis. It seemed like there was a standard unisex look worn by all, and these are the basic elements.

The Hoodie

Obviously, this is a must-have that everyone owns. In wintertime, you must wear the hood up over a beanie. Combined with sunglasses and the face mask, you can hide away from the world in this disguise. These are the best hoodie brands in NYC:

  • Off white
  • Supreme
  • Balenciaga
  • Stussy
  • Palace skateboards
  • Champion
  • Stone Island
  • Patagonia

The North Face Puffa coat

EVERYONE wore a North Face puffa, either in Jacket length or three-quarter length. And black was the colour, worn over the hoodie.

SJP in the staple NYC winter uniform

The Woollen Balaclava

Balaclavas are pretty sinister in general – think bank robber – but they were in every shop window, in multiple colours and frequently branded with the infamous NY logo. I was tempted, but a balaclava might look incongruous in the pleasant surroundings of leafy Hampstead. The brighter woolly patterned ones are quite stylish though.

The Neon Beanie

Everyone wore a beanie – even the NYPD. The cops looked super cool in their neon green beanies, but I also saw, yellow, pink and turquoise. They’re so cheap and sold on every street corner, along with hotdogs.

Nike Air Jordans

You couldn’t walk more than one block without seeing at least 10 people wearing Air Jordans. The more colourful the better. They are the staple uniform of all coastal Americans.

Golden Goose Sneakers

I saw these in the shop windows of Intermix, 7 for all of mankind and Rag & Bone – both famous NY boutiques and brands. Of course, you see these everywhere in Europe too, mostly on wealthier middle-aged mums checking in for their flights home from Ibiza or Mallorca. Super expensive, considering they are designed to ‘look battered and worn’. I like the star logo but I’m not keen on the shape.


So cute and so warm. Quilted and patterned with traditional snow flake designs, they’re a big hit with fashion conscious New York girls. We bought Phoebe a pair.

When I looked them up, they were everywhere on the catwalk at A/W NY Fashion Week. The only problem is, you can’t use your phone. Or maybe that’s a good thing!

The Furry Bucket Hat

These are EVERYWHERE! From teens to middle aged native New Yorkers – EVERYONE. The best place to find them was at URBAN OUTFITTERS. They must be brightly colours, patterned and super fluffy.

Think I still have a pink Kangol fluffy bucket hat from the 90s somewhere.