Kanye West at LFW

Kanye West and his rumoured ‘wife’ Bianca Censori appeared at London Fashion Week with yet another bizarre outfit choice.

The rapper, 46, and Bianca – who he is believed to have married in January – have made waves in recent months with their increasingly baffling choice of outfits.

Bianca has been wearing less and less recently (obviously trying to make Kim jealous)– at one point using just a cushion to hide her breasts and lower region at a restaurant in Italy, while Kanye tends to cover his entire bodyincluding his face.

Now, the duo have expanded their unique wardrobe choices, as they attended an exclusive event for LFW. Moving away from recent trends, Bianca was far more covered-up than usual. However, most of this cover-up was focused on her face, as she wore an enormous white, fluffy wig that completely obscured her head, face and shoulders.

Bianca’s gravity-defying wig led to an off-the-shoulder white leotard, covered only at the front and back with wide gaps on the side, showcasing her ribs, bum and legs.

From the back, fans at the event could see the giant wig trailing all the way down her back to past her bum, with Bianca pairing the outfit with see-through heels showing off her toes.

Kanye, meanwhile, kept up the trend of covering every inch of his body, and decided to forego shoes, instead wearing black socks to match the black baggy jumper and trousers. He also wore a wrap of black material around his face, with only a sliver of his neck, nose and hands visible.

I say fair play to them. At least it was something exciting to watch, other than the usual demonstrations and protests going on outside.