… hello from Amanda and this season’s coat

Me wearing the Superdry Penny Lane Coat

Welcome to this weeks wintry instalment of Amanda Zips It Up and its COAT SEASON!

The Penny Lane Coat Is Our Winter Heroine

The search for shearling / Afghan coats has spiked 56% already this month, and the must-have look is this. You’ll know it as the Penny Lane coat, dubbed so after Kate Hudson donned one in her turn as the free-spirited star of Cameron Crowe’s film Almost Famous. Suede or leather with shearling lapels and cuffs, the ‘70s staple has taken over our Instagram feed this winter, with labels like Superdry creating sell-out contemporary takes (like mine above), while the vintage revival – fuelled by a booming resale market – has seen prices soar for original pieces on platforms like Depop, eBay and Etsy. The bohemian longline style, favoured by everyone from Pamela Des Barres (one of the real-life groupies who inspired the Almost Famous Penny Lane) to Janis Joplin, The Beatles and Hendrix, is surely the antithesis of the ‘North Face’ cropped puffer jacket – so how did it become fashion’s comeback kid?

Long before the Penny Lane character we know and love, the Afghan coat was seen in all buzzing 1960s Kings Road boutiques. Along with many young people looking for a psychedelic expansion of the mind, the Afghan coat became the most fashionable trend. Musical royalty from Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix to David Bowie teamed their flared denims and shaggy hair with the Afghan.

The coats found mainstream fame in Carnaby Street as well but by the late Swinging Sixties’ this outerwear of choice fell out of favour with the punk scene kicking back against the kaleidoscopic dreaminess of their predecessors with a much more severe approach to music, politics and personal style.

Fast-forward to the new millennium and the British high street is flooded once more with Afghan coats, albeit shorter styles in suede and leather.

My Superdry coat is fully lined and looks beautiful but slightly small as this brand mostly designs for the smaller asian market.

I have found a stunning collection of Penny Lane coats with a very 2022/3 edge.

In incredible green, white, black, purple and my favourite red.

As well as being influenced by Almost Famous, the recent Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’ gave us the full length green afghan which you can find at Left Bank Six, along with shorter lengths all made from leather and mongolian wool.

They are perfect for this winter and Left Bank Six are also in the process of designing their own Penny Lane coat in chocolate brown which lands in two weeks.

Long coats: £575

Short Coats: £375

Speak to Nicole Ivison Hatch at Left Bank Six on Facebook and Instagram or call 07575 222908