Health Supplements

This month, I was sent some really interesting supplements to test, as part of a personal health improvement quest for 2023.

Starting with these beauty and balance capsules by ‘NOBLEBLU’, the wellness collection of Alesha Dixon. They are vegan and there’s a fortnight’s supply in each pack. Prices range from £35.

It’s a science-backed daily supplement, combining vitamins and minerals, friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes alongside formulated botanicals, to help restore balance and protect against stress. All ingredients have been selected to help keep one balanced throughout the day.

According to the blurb:

Helps reset your system

Feel more mindful and calm

Sleep much better

Makes you feel less bloated

Overall feelings of wellbeing and happiness

Helps you wind down after a busy day

Alesha also provides a handy checklist of “mental strengtheners” too:

Make some time for yourself⁠
Introduce mindfulness⁠
Create an anti-resolution list⁠
Establish a routine⁠
Don’t be too hard on yourself⁠

I’ll give Alesha’s supplements a try and see how they go.

If celebrity-endorsed supplements are just not affordable right now, I can’t recommend WELL WOMAN and WELL MAN capsules strongly enough as an alternative. Everything you need for your particular age group at an affordable price – all in one tablet.

We’re on these at home and everyone is feeling better and less tired – so something must be working.