Gypsy Blood Festival Fashion

Meet my favourite designer ever – I love her and Gyspsy Blood.

Summer isn’t simply beaches, bikinis and the Balearics. It is also official Festival season. And for those who opted for a weekend at Glastonbury or Coachella over Ibiza or Formentera, then a stand-out 3 day festival wardrobe is as important as that precious ticket to get in.

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We all know that key items involve, denim cutoffs, slogan tees and the essential boot, but how about a head dress?

Decorating our hair or heads in flowers is a time-long tradition, stemming back to the iconic days of Woodstock. In recent years, we have seen high street ‘rose crowns’ and Indian bejeweled headbands at festivals across Europe. And I have discovered a collection of incredible and unique works of art, which will not only stand out amongst the thousands of revelers in the muddiest of fields, but would also look perfect on the dance floors (and in the VIPs) of Pacha and Amnesia.

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Meet costume designer Savanna Morrish, 31, a festival junkie. Having travelled the globe from London to Nepal, Savanna had a spiritual realization on her return to the UK. She quit her old job, concluding that an office lifestyle wasn’t for her, after life changing travelling experiences. Savannah spent a summer living in a van on a field, organising a festival for charity. Once it was over, she embraced California and the Burning Man adventure. This spurned a dream to mix festival passion with some crafty skills.

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So, without much sleep, forsaking a social life and with every penny she had, Savanna spent the next 6 weeks creating an inital range of 28 headpieces, shooting three photoshoots and building a website ready for the launch on 1st April 2017.

The range runs to three collections, The Wild, The Warrior and The Free. The Wild being the party girls, The Warrior being the badass tribal women and The Free being the free spirits, the bohemian girls.

The label is ‘Gypsy Blood’ and Savanna says;

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“We are the wild ones. The ones with the messy hair, the thirsty hearts and that unmistakable spark in our eyes. 

The all night dancers, the music makers, the risk takers and the rule breakers. 

Untamed and unashamed. We make no apologies for our wild hearts. Sculpted to be our own heros. We are not here to simply ‘fit in.”

We stand fearless and proud as we walk the unpaved path in the pursuit of that which sets our souls on fire.”

Each piece is designed and hand made by Savanna at her studio in Sheffield England. No two pieces will ever be the same. The red indian head dresses or ‘war bonnets’, as they’re officially called, are absolute show stoppers.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your item to be made and shipped to you. If you have an important date, please let Savanna know and she will try her best to get it to you with your timing in mind.​

+44 7557 470091

5 – 11 Eben Street




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