Glastonbury Fashion 2022

From nipple paint to giant wings: five style trends at Glastonbury

Glastonbury style is a collective of silliness, subcultures and FLAGS. This year, thanks to an almighty build-up of anticipation and planning following the pandemic, it’s all the more insane. 

Here are some of the key looks at Worthy Farm.


Glastonbury’s biggest trend was not a piece of clothing, rather the absence of it. Women arrived sporting tiny tops and the confidence required to pull off a pair of chaps with just a high-cut bikini underneath. By day two, some had ditched even this scant coverage in favour of novelty nipple tassels, with a few taking the trend to its logical conclusion to go fully naked. There was no body shaming, and with so many clubs closing down, there’s been nothing else to dress up for. Or undress.

Team styling

Having been separated during the Covid pandemic, many Glastonbury-going friends appeared keen to wear coordinated costumes. From two men in matching Super Mario outfits, the 110-strong wizards all with matching pointy blue hats and velvet capes to the countless Hawaiian shirt lad crews, the coord costume phenomenon arose from “the power of group chat”, which became a defining cultural force over the pandemic

Bucket hats

The easiest way to join Team Glasto is to don a bucket hat.

They are, after all, a 90s throwback. Though, mostly, it’s a trend among those too young to remember that plays into an obsession with all things 90s and 00s. Searches for bucket hats on the second-hand fashion app Depop are up 21% in the last three months. The hats keep the rain off, hide unruly hair and offer shade for hungover eyes.

Queer culture

From rainbow tutus to glitter beards, there’s no forgetting at Glastonbury that Pride celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Paul McCartney flew the Pride flag with pride at the end of his set.

Giant wings

Statement wings and carnival capes were everywhere. Raise your arms in the air and you instantly become an art form or just keep them by your side for more introverted moments. Glastonbury produces a flood of social media content because everyone wants to capture these memories of having a great time. Therefore, it’s important to wear something that really stands out, something that’s going to be all over TikTok.  .

Plus ‘The Blue Wizard’ seemed to be a thing the year, but a fashion guru – I’ll show this and say no more…