Cure For Thinning Hair

Thinning hair isn’t just an issue affecting men in or around middle age. It’s a very real issue for women of a similar age too. Especially when going through the menopause or after years of bleaching, weaves and hair extensions.

One can spend a fortune on expensive treatments at exclusive clinics or on over-the-counter remedies at the pharmacies. But now there’s now an affordable answer waiting for you and it’s on the shelf at trusty BOOTS!

Head & Shoulders has launched a range for thinning hair and it’s all about adding caffeine and niacinamide to your scalp.

We all know Head & Shoulders as a favourite anti-dandruff brand that actually works. It’s a product that many of us reach for when our scalps are feeling itchy, flaky or dry. But did you know that scalp issues are also central to hair thinning?  From everyday stress, diet and ageing to hormonal and postpartum changes, there are all sorts of reasons behind our manes thinning out. And whilst much of our focus goes on repairing dry and damaged hair, we should be concentrating on the scalp, which is where 99% of hair strength comes from.

If the scalp is dry, it could leave hair roots undernourished and cause the hair anagen (or growing) phase to become shorter, leading to premature thinning. And although it happens to almost everyone at some point, hair dropping out can leave us feeling pretty deflated. With this in mind, Head & Shoulders has come up with a three-step routine to combat hair thinning: the new Derma XPRO Scalp & Hair Revitaliser collection. This range does more than simply moisturise the scalp – it seals in moisture and revitalises the roots, promising up to 95% less hair fall.

Sounds good so far, doesn’t it? Well, it gets even better. The shampoo, conditioner and leave-on Scalp and Hair Revitaliser are infused with skincare hero ingredient niacinamide, which is well-known for its ability to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier. There’s also vitamin E, which is known for its improvement of the barrier function, plus good old aloe, which alleviates dry, itchy skin. The leave-on treatment also contains caffeine. Hey, if it wakes us up every day, why shouldn’t it energise our scalps too?

The three-step shampoo, conditioner and caffeine and niacinamide leave-on treatment routine promises thicker and stronger hair fibres in just one use – and improved hair quality in four weeks.

I’m off to Boots – obviously.