Create Your Own Avatar For Fashion

You can now create an avatar of yourself to ‘try on’ clothes before buying

New avatar technology allows you to test clothes to see how they’d look on you – it even clearly shows different textures.

Clothing returns were an issue for retailers long before the pandemic. And in 2019, ASOS changed their returns policy to crack down on ‘serial’ returners.

During the pandemic, there was no way to physically shop and test the fit and suitability of clothing. Online was the only option and returns became an even more common experience for retailers.

To help ease this problem, a technology company focused on fashion e-commerce has created 3D avatar software to allow consumers to make better informed shopping decisions.

The ‘hyper accurate’ avatar notes your dimensions and those of the clothes, allowing one to see an accurate fit and how the fabric looks against your skin, all thanks to artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

The software creates a 3D rendering of your body’s exact measurements 

In the near future the company plans to expand the service to habitually “difficult to shop” items, such as swimwear and underwear.

To create an avatar you need the free Yoox app, which has all clothes from participating stores on it.

The future of shopping is looking smarter.