… an interview with Danny Clockwork & Amanda

Welcome to Amanda Zips It Up

It’s almost May! It’s almost full-on summer and it’s almost time for the Ibiza & Mallorca season to kick off.

Following the past two years of Covid madness and lockdown misery, we can finally return to the Balearics where its back to business at long last.

In this weeks issue, I thought I’d go all ‘white isle’ and talk about what to pack in your suitcase if you’re heading to Ibiza this summer.

With clubbing and nightlife open again, I chat to Danny Gould, one half of the legendary Clockwork Orange events brand, discussing his plans for summer 2022 and how he coped with the pandemic.

Danny, how have the past two years been for the Clockwork brand and your loyal army of Clockwork followers? 

Who would have predicted what we all went through?

UNCERTAINTY is the main description I’d use. In the end I switched off the news and radio and just enjoyed life. It made me realise I was working far too hard, two full time jobs over the past ten years and now finally only one, and that’s Clockwork. 

The rest didn’t do me any harm but I realised I was exhausted. Partying on hold isn’t the end of the world. When the Orange army came back – they came back with a reserve of more than normal energies. Brighton and Clockstock as well as Fabric October were on another level altogether.

What are your plans for summer 2022 in the UK, Ibiza and beyond?

Clockstock on June 25th 2022 – so many DJs the list is endless.

Ibiza 14th to 18th July, our first visit since 2019, WTF!

 A cheeky return to Fire and lightbox 20th of August and its massive outside summer terrace, plus Australia talks have resumed and obviously we’re hoping for continued normality.

Do you and Andy have a 5-year plan for CO and can you see yourself becoming more of a full time DJ now that everyone is making up for their lost time during the pandemic?

I’m not prepared to get lost in work again. Late nights are not the norm for this retired lunatic, ‘if and when’ is better than non-stop. Non-stop conjures up resentment. Being sat indoors on a Saturday and you have to go out can sometimes be counter-productive to the enjoyment of life. Clockwork’s plan is getting bigger and better.

Ibiza 2023 is almost planned, Clockstock 2023 prep starts soon and 2024 Ibiza is in the pipeline.

It’s our 30th birthday in 2023 and 2014 for Ibiza.

Any plans to increase your CO merchandising? 

We have started, however, you have to rely on human beings and their failings.

Say no more. x