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Welcome to this week’s fashion instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

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As early as it might seem, the big build up to Christmas has begun, and already I hear rumblings of that perennial seasonal question, “What to wear to the office Xmas party”.

Forget the LBD, how about this little number? Moschino is selling a bizarre dry cleaner bag ‘dress’ for a whopping £560. The plastic bag, officially called a Cape Sheer Overlay Dress, is on sale at the “bargain” price of 600 Euros, despite its ridiculous design.

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Inspiration for this wacky laundry bag style dress didn’t come out of the blue. It’s part of designer Jeremy Scott’s rubbish-inspired “Cardboard Couture” autumn collection. Jeremy’s passion is taking everyday stuff and turning it into high (ish) fashion, which is why Moschino has put its name to this sleeveless laundry bag. Previously, he’s cooked up designs based on McDonald’s chips and discarded Barbies, but this dress is pretty out-there even for him.

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The newest clothes in Jeremy’s collection take his love of waste more literally, and include garments made from actual rubbish, such as packing boxes, bubble wrap and tissues. His latest product, which is literally just a laundry bag, is designed to be worn over another, less see-through item of clothing.

Red text on the bag screams: “FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY”, while the label around the neck states: “WE [HEART] OUR CUSTOMERS.”

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Over the silly season, somehow I can’t see this attracting any drunken office party snogs. In fact it might even permanently damage your career prospects. Expect a call from HR the morning after.

Onto some serious fashion, and in this week’s instalment we show you how to reboot your Ibiza dresses for the winter, check out the mesh bodysuit seen on THE GC and discover Kate Middleton’s favourite beauty products.

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