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Welcome to November Zipsters, and as the last pumpkins get cruelly binned, Xmas decorations go up in shopping malls all around the world.

My local mall already had a full-on nativity scene on November 1st, and the fragrances and cosmetics gift ideas are in full force from Boots to John Lewis.

Yawn, I hear some of you say. But this year, perfumes and make-up have taken on a racy new image, to spice up Xmas ’17.

Tom Ford’s new perfume is called ‘FUCKING FABULOUS’. It’s a gear change for the designer, who has previously favoured more literal fragrance names – Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Venetian Bergamot. FF is maybe not one for your in-laws.

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And there’s more. Nars has created Orgasm – a blush colour that makes you look like, well, I think you can guess. Plus there’s Threesome, Sex Appeal and the pigmentally similar Deep Throat.

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The high street has also embraced provocative and “rude” cosmetics, with brands such as Soap & Glory marketing innuendo-laden products, from Sexy Mother Pucker lip shine to Glow Job tinted foundation. Too Faced’s Boudoir Eyes palette skipped the puns entirely, with shadows titled Fuzzy Handcuffs and French Tickler.

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Urban Decay has its own selection of suggestive cosmetics, including a blusher in Fetish (a name shared with a lipstick by Mac) and a lip-gloss in ‘Rule 34’ (meaning internet porn). Illamasqua takes a more straightforward approach, with its rubber-finish nail varnish Kink and an eye shadow simply called Sex.

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So, take your pick this festive season, and expect plenty of blushes under the Xmas tree. Perhaps two sittings of present-giving might be in order.

Onto this week’s instalment, and as the temperature drops we check out Winter Coats, we explore the new H&M Erdem collection and take a look at the weirdest winter fashions right now.

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