… a word from the Editor and it’s all about Meghan Markle

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As this issue is all about Xmas gifts for her,


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So, bang, the newest and most fashionable princess in the whole darn world has arrived.

And she rocks a leather skirt!

Meghan Markle was already a fashion icon, and with transatlantic cool plus a “down to earth” persona, this mixed race LA babe and Hollywood sweetheart is not just a breath of fresh air, but will literally drag our royals into the 21st century.

Yes, Harry put a ring on it. Largely because no woman alive will make a more perfect modern princess than smart, sassy and seriously cool Meg.

An extensive recent Vanity Fair interview was accompanied by a shoot of Meghan wearing a fairytale ballroom gown, looking typically stylish and extravagantly beautiful.

Now that the engagement is out in the open, it is inevitable that comparisons have been drawn between the actress and the Duchess of Cambridge. Yet while Kate has updated the Royal Family — especially via the launch of mental health charity Heads Together –  Meghan might well be the woman to drag The Firm into the 21st century.

Her savviness in social media aside — she ran a popular lifestyle blog, The Tig, and has almost 2million followers on her Instagram account alone — she, like Harry, has a vulnerability that makes her someone who younger people can relate to.

She was born in California into a middle-class family made of African-American mum Doria, a social worker, and Dutch/Irish-American dad Thomas, a TV set lighter.

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Her parents’ mixed-race marriage saw her parents experiencing abuse when Meghan was a child. The couple split when she was six. She also suffered a failed early marriage to American film producer Trevor Engelson, 41, in 2013, following a two-year union.

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And whilst one might argue her looks are the least interesting thing about her, it would be churlish not to mention them. Both girl next door and old-school Hollywood glamour, she is pure crush material — without even mentioning her constant smile.

Much has been made of Meghan’s job, as though being an actor is somehow beneath that of a future princess. That is simply silly. Indeed, having a talent and working hard enough to become a breakout star of hit legal drama Suits — in which she has brilliantly played feisty Rachel Zane since 2011 — is no mean feat. She has also appeared in various movies.

But Meghan’s showbiz CV boasts a more serious nature. She earned a degree in communications from the respected Northwestern University in 2003 and worked as a calligrapher before carving out her successful acting career.

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But her real passion has always been philanthropy, campaigning for Canada’s World Vision clean water organisation in Rwanda, Africa. She is also a UN women’s rights advocate.

Meghan is more than equipped to deal with — if not take on — the often archaic machine of the British Royal Family. Describing herself in a magazine 11 months ago, she wrote: “While my mixed heritage may have created a grey area surrounding my self-identification, I have come to embrace that, to say who I am, to share where I’m from, to voice my pride in being a strong, confident mixed-race woman.”

MEGHAN channelled Sandy from Grease in a sumptuous second-skin pair of leather trousers in March last year. And for me – she was an immediate fashion star.


Enjoy this week’s bumper festive gifts for her issue.

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