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Welcome to this weeks Zips It Up.

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Summer is here and most of the security queues at UK airports are hell on earth. From 3am – 2am, they keep coming.

Liquid bags, drunk passengers and the obligatory duty free bits and bobs. Delays and broken down air con. People moaning, swearing or having drunk sex.

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WE have arrived at mid summer.

Post my Ibiza trip last week, I have featured all things Ibiza this week. A tiny respite from the hell of just getting there.

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 12.57.46
Here’s hoping some of  theses tick you Balearic boxes and baskets, and if you’re on your way soon  – then enjoy those

 queues. There’s always a beach at the end of  the long and dusty road.

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A book, an iPad and the latest therapeutic sounds to soothe you though.

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Here are three designers to check out on the white isle this glorious July.

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Enjoy. x

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