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Welcome to this week’s fashion blog. Sob sob, it’s my final week in the Balearics this summer holiday. I’m in Mallorca for the last few days and we’ve hit mosquito season. Having avoided sunburn and retention of white bits all summer, now nights are spent itching and scratching.

To those of you stuck on the M25 in the rain on your way to work, this is probably one of those problems you couldn’t care less about. But sleepless nights are not a great way to end a holiday for anyone, and it’s the one negatives of being located somewhere coastal in the Med.

So I investigated some unusual mosquito repellents and some theories so stop these ugly red bites from spreading across our skins.

Here are a few interesting solutions:

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On the hunt for a new perfume? Kill two birds with one stone by dabbing on some of Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum. In a study of various mosquito repellents, researchers found that Victoria’s Secret’s delicious smelling Bombshell perfume kept the yellow fever mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito away for roughly two hours!

This is a real anomaly in the world of perfume, since mosquitoes are usually attracted to floral, fruity scents. But not so with this mosquito repelling perfume. Mosquitoes hate it…and it smells good to humans.

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Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide, so hanging out with people who breathe more heavily than you do, might keep the mosquitoes away from you. Larger people and pregnant women are top choices. Blood-suckers have also been shown to be attracted to beer drinkers, so getting a large, beer-guzzling BFF might do the trick.

Want wonderfully moisturized, sinfully soft skin that also repels mosquitoes? Of course you do. Simply rub yourself down with some of Avon’s Skin So Soft bath oil whenever you venture outdoors.

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On to this week and we check out the bargain of the year if you’re a shoe fanatic, look at the world of crotch bling and see the return of the iconic 90s metallic chain dress.

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