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Welcome to this week’s Zips It Up and I can regretfully announce that Summer is OVER. Welcome to Autumn term.

I’m back home in London, and after a beautiful bank holiday weekend, the heavens have well and truly opened. So it’s back to business as usual. I’ve gone from 30 degrees to 12 in the space of two days. Brrrr.

But it’s not all negative at this time of the year because A, The kids go back to school, B, The X Factor starts and C, Fashion Weeks begin.

Plus, it’s fashion awards season too. More about that in this issue, but on the subject of fashion and awards, did anyone watch the MTV VMA Awards last weekend?

No, me neither, but I did check out the red carpet for the usual fashion hits and misses. Nobody did well, it’s fair to say so my winners for ‘worst dressed’ of 2017 go to Calvin Harris and Nicky Minage.

MTV calvin 2 MTV Calvin

Calvin looks like a cross between Noel Edmonds and a 70s Nerd. Nicki looked fabulous, except for chronic camel toe, made obvious by squeezing everything into this pink latex number.

MTV Nicki

Always a giggle though.

And with that, this time round we check out who is the Model of The Decade, Topshop’s collab with Skinnydip and how Grot burgers and Muccy D’s suddenly became very fashionable.

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