.. a word from Amanda & more Xmas gift ideas…

Welcome to December.

It’s freezing, everyone is panicking about another ‘new variant’ and an unsettled Christmas period is fast approaching. What’s new then…

But fear not, I’m here to keep you calm and collected with this week’s instalment of fashion and lifestyle, to reduce the stress of it all, for ten blissful minutes (depending on your reading speed!)

Here are two fantastic gift ideas for you…

Starting with this beautiful, magical gift for you, or that special spiritual person in your life, designed by the talented Hayley Marie Hoy.

This is the Rose Quartz Crystal Flower Moon, called Self-love Reflection.

It’s created to “soothe and cleanse the heart chakra, allowing vibrational love to flow without fear”. 

Crystals have been used in cultures all over the world for thousands of years. Their uses have included healing, meditation, protection, and creative inspiration.

The promotional material reads: “You’ll take on the soft, peaceful, soothing energies of the crystal as you sleep. This will result in your dream being calm, peaceful, and loving, emitting a positive vibration of love.”

The crystal is suitable for home, beauty salons, spa massage, office space or on a special altar or sacred space. A suggested place to keep the piece is above the bed, to encourage gentle dreams.

Bespoke, handmade crystal flower crescent moon mirrors.

Crystals, natural dried flowers, silver leaf.

Comes with incense to clear and cleanse the space before placing.

Contact Hayley Marie Hoy on FACEBOOK or myself and I’ll send you further details.

Lady of The House Book £35.00

Introducing the first ever coffee table-style book championing and celebrating the inspirational women in Dance music. I’m featured too, discussing my time as a vocalist with Angelic in the early 00s.

“Lady of the House” by Laila McKenzie and Ian ‘Snowy’ Snowball is a hardback coffee table style book containing beautiful images and interviews with women who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the dance music scene. It’s the perfect Christmas present.

150+ inspirational women’s stories detail the part they have played in Dance music past, present and future, including:

Candi Staton, Barbara Tucker, Sam Divine, Nina Kraviz, Charlotte de Witte, Maya Jane Coles, DJ Maxinne, Lynn Cosgrave, Rowetta, Ellen Allien, Nicky Trax, Janet Bell, Julie McKnight, Kathy Brown, Anja Schneider, Black Girl/White Girl, Ultra Naté, Jocelyn Brown, Arielle Free, Rochelle Fleming, DJ Paulette, Gladys Pizarro, Abigail Adams, Anne Savage, DJ Rap, Kym Sims, Lisa Loud and Kym Mazelle.

The book is endorsed by Lakota Nightclub, Focusrite, Defected Records, Tank Nightclub, Switch Southampton, Orange Rooms, Halo Bournemouth, Bristol Beacon, Mas Vida, Resident Advisor & Insanity Group, so comes with heavyweight props.