A Word From Amanda.. plus Men At London Fashion Week 2023

Welcome to this week’s Amanda Zips It Up, and here in London, it was all about London Fashion Week 2023.

Pharrell Williams is the man of the moment and looked toasty (and somewhat smug) in a sleeping bag outfit at a London Fashion Week event, after bagging THAT Louis Vuitton job. He has been confirmed as the new men’s creative director for Louis Vuitton, a position that was previously held by the late Virgil Abloh, who died of cancer aged 41 in 2021.

The move was announced by LV Chairman & CEO Pietro Beccari, who welcomed the Frontin’ producer, 49, to the prestige family and praised his past collaborations with the brand.

Pharrell’s first collection with LV is believed to debut soon, during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.

Days into his new role as the creative director of Louis Vuitton, Pharrell made quite the fashion statement, rocking up a wearing a coat which resembled a camping staple, as he attended the Moncler event.

The Happy hitmaker posed for pictures in the army green sleeping bag-esque coat, which didn’t seem to have any arm holes but draped down either side of his shoulders.

Moncler Presents: The Art Of Genius was part of London Fashion Week and saw the Milan fashion house ‘co-create’ with high end designers, celebrities and brands.

The sleeping bag look is similar to Moncler’s collection, so it wasn’t a totally random roll-out-of-bed moment from the 49-year-old star.

The Grammy and Oscar-winning musician has previously worked with brands and designers, one of whom was Karl Lagerfeld, so this is far from his first step in the fashion world.

Under Pharrell’s sleeping bag coat was more khaki green, as he sported a padded waistcoat and a countryside-classic green jumper, with what looked to be waterproof trousers of the same colour. To make sure he was extra toasty, the rapper opted for a cosy-looking beanie hat, and he finished off the look with a splattering of pizzazz in jewel-encrusted sunglasses.

Also a fashion guru, with his own clothing line called Plus 44, F1 legend Lewis Hamilton was a welcome face at the event, opting for Moncler’s classic black puffer coat in a simple but chic look.

Marcus Rashford got blingy for the event and opted for the white version of Lewis’ puffer jacket.

There’s so much more of LFW in this week’s instalment of AZIU. Enjoy.