a word from Amanda and WTF are THOSE red boots?

Amanda Zips It Up

Welcome to MARCH! Yes, winter is almost over and we’re headed for the prettiest and most reinvigorating season of the year. However, I bring you news regarding a fashion item that’s far from pretty. You know, I just love a silly trend that sweeps the web. Well, these big red clown boots are taking over the internet and I’m kinda digging them.

The fashion world can be a confusing place. We’ve witnessed the ‘no-neck’ trend at Richard Queen (as revealed here last year). Also, last month Viktor and Rolf turned their dresses upside down at Paris Fashion Week. And now (drumroll), prepare to be baffled once again, by these big red boots from American art collective, MSCHF.

You’ve probably seen their massive, clown boots popping up on your Twitter feed and I’m here to tell you that the story is not someone pulling your leg. They launched last week (16 February) and come with the rather serious price tag of almost £300($350).

MSCHF brand the shoes as ‘cartoon boots for a cool 3D world’. A press release reads: ‘You never design shoes to be shaped like feet. Big Red Boots are REALLY not shaped like feet, but they are EXTREMELY shaped like boots.’

Er… okay then.

MSCHF is known for whacky creations – from a collar that turns a dog’s barks into spoken swear words, to flip flops made out of Birkin bags, cleverly dubbed ‘Birkinstocks.’ They were also behind Little Nas X’s controversial ‘Satan Shoes’, made using Nike trainers and human blood. Yes, really.

Call me pedantic, but I’m worried about the practicalities. For example, driving a car or jumping on the tube before the doors close.

Not surprisingly, the shoes have already gained a cult following. ‘You know what? That big red boot kinda fyre’, came one Instagram influencer. ‘Sorry I want those big red boots,’ said another Facebook fan. While another Twitter twit said they’d be making a purchase: ‘Guys I’m not even joking at this point. I’m getting those big red boots. Like all seriousness I’m getting them.’

We’re yet to discover whether the boots take off. But if Crocs can become mainstream, there’s hope for anything.

Anyway… onto this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up. And as we prepare for the Oscars, I investigate who will be the next James Bond (a great excuse to gaze at good looking guys in tuxedos), there’s a cure for thinning hair and how to avoid getting banned by Facebook after a massive night out. It’s all here.