… a word from Amanda and what NOT to buy this Xmas

Welcome to this week’s issue of Amanda Zips It Up and it’s the penultimate instalment of the year. Next week will be my last blog of 2022 before returning on 5th January 2023, (fingers-crossed) refreshed and enthusiastic for another year of fashion.

So, are you still Xmas shopping? If so, want to know the Christmas gifts that people dread receiving the most?

A poll of 2,000 people revealed that the following uninspiring presents usually end up in the bin or being donated to charity. Without ever once being used.

The study found that 12% of people think garden tools and underpants are the worst, which is a surprise because who doesn’t want a new pair of Calvins? 

In eighth place with 13% of votes was batteries, then socks at 15%. In sixth place is Christmas jumpers, also scoring 15% – no doubt a great upset to many Grandmas.

Toilet roll holders and Lynx Africa both scored 16%, and 17% voted for onesies. Although to chip in – this year I foresee the wearable blanket as being a number one best seller!

Coming in second place in the roll call of bad presents is office desk gifts, with 18% rejecting attempts to quirk up their work space.

And the very worst gift on the list?

The 10 worst Christmas gifts

1 – Novelty tie – 27%

2 – Office desk gifts – 18%

3 – Onesie – 17%

4 – Lynx Africa – 16%

5 – Toilet roll holder – 16%

6 – Christmas jumper – 15%

7 – Socks – 15%

8 – Batteries – 13%

9 – Garden tools – 12%

10 – Pants – 12%

According to 27% of voters in the poll, the Christmas novelty tie is the very worst thing to get for Xmas. Not really surprising, given that tie wearing in general has taken a tumble in recent years. 

So, if you were thinking of getting one of the above for somebody, evidently you might want to reconsider – or at least, don’t take it personally if it never sees the light of day. Or indeed, if you are never spoken to again by the recipient.