A Word From Amanda

Welcome back to Amanda Zips It Up for Autumn 2023. 

Just when you thought Summer was over September brings us a glorious heatwave with temperatures in the 30s right here in London. So with this Indian summer, with plenty of late summer warmth, we need to think of ways to keep cool.

Yes, just as we thought it was time to pack away the skimpy summer wardrobe, I have a brilliant garment for the guys – to help you keep extra cool during the current late heatwave.


Men – which side do you ‘dress’ when you’re wearing trousers?

These new Japanese pants store your balls in a pouch and your penis pointing upwards to let it ‘breathe’

This stylish underwear came to everyone’s attention thanks to a random TWEET highlighting a badly worded ad for the pants, which has been retweeted thousands of times. The ad includes such gems as ‘non abrasion scrotum’ (sounds pleasant), ‘scrotum cooling’, and ‘does not bend’.

The pants advertise ‘independent space’ for your penis, with breathable fabric and special designated sections for your shaft and balls.

They’re made by Yiwa, who claim their unique ‘scrotum and penis separation design’ makes you feel more comfortable, while also ensuring the genitals don’t sit in their own sweat. 


If you fancy buying your own, the pants range in price from £5 to £11 on Amazon

Onto this week’s instalment, and we celebrate the return of the final series of Top Boy – out today. We take a look at all your favourite Top Boy fashion and where to buy your fave outfits as seen on Sully and Dushane. Also this week, we discover how to create your own avatar so you can see what you look like in an outfit before you buy it. And finally, after the Lionesses went all the way to the World Cup Finals, Goalkeeper Mary Earps launches own clothing line after Nike snubbed her shirt (which created a huge storm).

It’s all here – enjoy and welcome back to Amanda Zips It Up.