A word from Amanda

Welcome to Amanda Zips It Up and August!

I back in London after a couple of weeks in the sweltering heat of Ibiza and Mallorca. Whilst there, I shopped in possibly the most beautiful shop I’ve ever seen – Treasure Ibiza – which stocks re-loved, vintage and designer Ibiza fashion to blow you mind. More about that in this issue.

Me doing Barbie Pink

The big celeb fashion news whilst I was away was the release of Barbie and PINK has dominated everyone’s wardrobe. Here’s my ONLY attempt at wearing Barbie pink, because it’s NOT my colour at all but I’m loving Margot Robbie in baby pink at the premiere.

The gorgeous Margot Robbie in Barbie Pink

Barbie mania is everywhere and although I haven’t seen it yet – it is the ultimate feminist movie of the year and very clever, so I look forward to that. Check out all the celebs rocking pink at the moment. Who do you think wears it best> I’m going for Dua Lipa.

Penelope Cruz wins the pink contest.

And I have to mention the awful weather in London. Not only have I gone from 40 degrees in Spain to 13 degrees and torrential rain in Hampstead, I ended up with serious flu which I thought was Covid. I tested negative thank goodness. But this weekend is expected to be a washout and it’s the big MARGATE SOUL FESTIVAL for Mi-Soul Radio. I won’t be going because I’m still getting better but here’s a few ideas on what to wear for all my friends and colleagues who will be loving every minute of it – whatever the weather. It’s ALL ABOUT THE COLOURFUL RAIN PONCHO & Hunter Wellies.

Wellies & Capes, long socks & tights and colourful rain PONCHOS

I also discuss another big festival in this issue – FUNKY DORY – plus report on the real cost of our throwaway fashion, and it makes for a sad read.