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We’ve almost made it through the worst month of the year, and I’ve been on a little health kick. After all, it’s nice to concentrate on a bit of self -improvement as we yearn for the spring and summer months ahead. 

As I mentioned in my socials, I tried some week-long research into Japenese Detox Foot Pads. Basically, they’re patches you stick on your feet before bed, which claim to draw all the toxins out of your system while you sleep. Sounds too good to be true right? That’s because it is too good to be true. They’re utter rubbish. Every morning when I woke, they were black. However, it’s simply the vinegar inside the patches reacting with one’s sweat – the same happens if you pour hot water over them.

a waste of money

Sadly, there is no evidence of any bodily response to detox pads. Claims about these products say that they remove heavy metals, toxins, and even fat from the body. Suffice to say, they do not. Other false advertisements include effectiveness for treating depression, insomnia, diabetes, arthritis. What a load of shite. Save your money.

Moving on, it is FREEZING as I write this. I’m layered up to the max, looking like I’m donning a Hollywood style ‘fat suit’, huddling next to the radiator with my laptop.

The key is to layer up, starting with thermal style underwear. Forget relying upon wooly socks and vests. It’s all about the base layer all-in-one. Brave the cold this winter by investing in this thermal base layer catsuit – it will keep you warm and snug from head to toe – just £33.90 at Amazon.

It’s available in four colours and made from a fleece-lined fabric, which helps retain heat by trapping air close to your body, providing a smooth base layer under hoodies, jeans, trousers, coats and jumpers. Or worn alone, as I have on occasion. 

Perfect for your capsule wardrobe, the set will help you stay warm and comfortable no matter the weather and available in sizes extra small through 3XL.

And for the guys, it’s all about the M&S 2pk Heatgen™ Light Thermal Long Sleeve Top in black at £25.00. Pair with Heatgen Medium Thermal Long Johns – just £18.00.

The only downside – you’ll need an extra five minutes to undress when you visit the bathroom. 

Stay warm. x