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Since the last issue, I have been decoding Amber Heard’s courtroom looks.

What exactly do her outfits mean?

Eagle-eyed viewers of the courtroom livestream have been glued to the drama, obsessing over every detail – including both Amber and Johnny’s fashion choices.

Social media users have picked up on some hard-to-ignore moments from the Virginia courtroom, with some even claiming that Amber has been deliberately copying certain details from Johnny’s outfits.

Let’s just say…it’s slightly weird. On the first day of the trial, Johnny wore a grey suit paired with a Gucci tie, featuring the embroidered bee detail, and on the third day, Amber wore an almost identical tie.

So far, Amber’s court looks have featured strong tailoring and masculine lines, including a light grey double-breasted trouser suit, worn the day after Johnny wore a very similar ensemble. Her outfits convey a sense of power, perhaps even signifying that she is in control of the situation.

Another fashion moment that sparked interest was when she wore her hair in a voluminous ponytail, the day after Johnny had sported a similar hairstyle. But then again, Amber’s hairstyles are always immaculate

It’s impossible to say whether these are just strange coincidences, or in fact calculated?

Although recently, Amber has opted for more feminine silhouettes, styling her blonde hair in perfectly styled hairstyles – very ‘old Hollywood’ glamour.

We remain captivated…

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